ANSI C Compiler for 8052  


ANSI C compiler from SPJ, India allows rapid software development for
Intel 8032/8052 family and it's derivative from other manufacturers. This
8052 Compiler generates fast, compact & efficient assembly code.

  • LOW COST C Compilers with subset of ANSI C and extensions specific to 8051 family
  • Available data types : bit, char, int, long int, float, arrays & pointers
  • Library includes a wide range of functions - string handling, conversions, I/O related and also math functions such as sin, cos etc
  • It includes Pre-processor, Compiler, Optimizer, Assembler, Linker, Library Manager and a Source Level Debugger (SLD).

    All Special Function Registers (SFRs) of the micro-controller can be accessed as if those were variables
  • Two memory models - Large (with external RAM) and Small (without external RAM).
  • Optimised code generation
  • Support mixed-mode( embedded assembly with C ), and in-line assembly and writing interrupt functions in C etc.
  • Full support for floating point data types and maths library functions



 DOS Version    SLDC51

ANSI C Compiler under DOS Operating System.

CODE : 140-01


 Win95/98/NT    IDE51~C

ANSI C Compiler under Windows Integrated Development Environment.

CODE : 140-03

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