HC08 ANSI C Compiler  

comprehensive target support:
Write interrupt handlers in C.
Supports inline assembly and can interface with assembly modules.
Byte operations.
Automatic generation of bit field instructions such as bset, bclr, brset, brclr, ...etc.
Supports single chip and expanded mode.
powerful and user-friendly IDE:
Fast 32-bits Windows 95/98/NT/2K program, accepts long file names.
Uncluttered tabbed editor windows.
C editor with syntax highlighting, jump to matching braces, block indents and outdents, extensive bookmark support, and code templates.
Project Manager automatically generates standard makefile, one click to rebuild.
Simple interface to select compiler options, including choose from a data base of popular chip configurations for memory address setup, select different versions of "printf" based on features and code size, and lots more!
Built-in ANSI Terminal emulator for target communication.
Support for bootstrap downloading.
ANSI C compiler:
Modern fast C Compiler with full support for the ANSI C language. NOT a micro-C or extended K&R C, but a robust ANSI C front end written from the ground up, which has been in use for over 10 years.
32-bit longs, 32-bit IEEE single precision floating point.
Optimized switch handling.
Algebraic simplifications.
Block level common subexpression elimination.
Peephole optimization.
assembler / linker:
Relocatable assembler and linker.
Assembler directives include conditional processing, include files, macros and textual defines.
Multiple named sections, memory address may contain holes for discontiguous memory spaces
Industry standard output formats include Motorola S19, Intel HEX, and AVR COFF.
debugger support:
Supports P&E map file format and NoICE™ Debugger.
Compilers produce listing files that are usable by most assembly level debuggers using conversion programs.
Subset of ANSI C library including printf, memory allocation, strings, and math functions.
Target-specific functions such as those for accessing EEPROM and various subsystems (SPI, ADC, etc.)
Make utility.
Librarian to manage library file.
RCS for source code management.
Grep for file searching.
Online WinHelp also available as printed manual (> 100 pages).


Excellent technical support via email. Typical turnaround time is the same day!
Free 6 months maintenance update via download from the web.
Low cost annual maintenance plans.

  ICC08 DEMO   Click HERE

ICC08 fully functional 45-day demo may be downloaded from our website.
Standard version owners may upgrade to the Professional version for the difference in price.


ICC08 Standard US$199

  Maintenance Contract  

US$30 for one year
Annual (1 year from date of purchase) renewable Maintenance Contracts (E-mail capability required) are available, entitling the purchaser to priority technical support, automatic E-mail notification of bug fix releases (receivable by FTP),and a discount on the price of any upgrades during the term of the contract.

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