RF Module at 315Mhz, 418Mhz, 433.92Mhz
RF ASK Modules at 300 - 434Mhz  !

RLP receiver actual size 

(External antenna will be needed in order to reach the target range )

Postage-Size RF modules for Telemetry and Radio Control.

The receiver RLP has a sensitivity of 3uV. It operates from 4.5 to 5.5 volts-DC, and has both 

linear and digital outputs. For maximum range, we recommend antenna length to be 1/4 wave of the frequency. That means, for 433.92Mhz, the antenna length is approximately 17cm long .  To convert from centimeters to inches -- multiply by 0.3937.  

Note: For customer evaluation together with TLP, the typical range could be up to 300 - 400 foot in open area. The results may vary depending on the surroundings.

The transmitter TLP's output is up to 8mW with a range of approximately 400 foot (open area) outdoors.  Indoors, the range is approximately 200 foot. The TLP transmitter accepts both linear and digital inputs, can operate from 1.5 to 12 Volts-DC, and makes building a miniature hand-held RF transmitter very easy.  

  TLP transmitter actual size ( External antenna may help to reach the target range )

The samples price is US$4.80 each
We offer discount for volume quantity. Please enquire for a qoute

Part Number for order :

RLP-433.92  Receiver at 433.92Mhz

RLP-418       Receiver at 418Mhz

RLP-315       Receiver at 315Mhz

TLP-433.92  Transmitter at 433.92Mhz

TLP-418       Transmitter at 418Mhz

TLP-315       Transmitter at 315Mhz


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There is a Shipping and Handling charge involved. Do ask for a qoute. 

You will be receiving the goods within 7 - 10 days from the day of the order. 

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Datasheet Download : RLPTLP.PDF and also specification for the RANGE.PDF

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